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The evening downdrafts of the Mendola Massif give the entire terroir of the St. Michael-Eppan winery their character: they ensure the cool nights that give the grapes their extraordinary properties, shaping the fragrance, the unmistakable freshness and longevity of the wines. The downdraft (= “FALLWIND”) is the natural element that blows over the vineyards every day, exerting a positive influence on the climate and supporting the valuable work of the winegrowers.
FALLWIND. The power of nature.

Alto Adige DOC

Riserva Fallwind


Thanks to the careful selection of the grapes and the low yields, Lagrein is the most representative autochthonous red wine variety in South Tyrol. Our Lagrein Riserva Fallwind finds ideal conditions on the moraine and gravel soils of the Bolzano basin. Maturation in wooden barrels supports its harmonious character. The result is a complex red wine that fascinates with a robust structure and a variety of aromas.

at sight

blackish red

to the nose

intense aromas reminiscent of cherries, blackberries and prunes

on the palate

multilayered, powerful, expressive tannin and full-bodied



Area of cultivation

Sites: vineyards in Gries and Coste
Exposure: South/southeast to southwest
Soil: Moraine debris and gravel
Training System: Guyot

Vine Age

8 to 20 years


mid September; harvest and grape selection by hand.


fermentation in stainless-steel tanks, followed by about twelve months of development in barrique-tonneaux with malolactic fermentation. After assemblage, further maturation takes place in stainless-steel tanks.


55 hl/ha


Alcohol Content: 14 %
Acidity: 5.25 gr/lt

Serving Temperature



8 to 10 years

Pairing Recommendations

This Lagrein is recommended as an accompaniment to hearty dishes like braised beef cheek, grilled red meats, game and mature cheeses

Fallwind. the power of nature.

The “FALLWIND” wines are ambassadors of our terroir and reflect the remarkable strengths of our growing area in a unique way.
Strict quality guidelines, low yields, intense manual work in the vineyards as well as a meticulous and individual vinification in the cellar make them what they are: characterful, precise and unique wines that convince every connoisseur with their varietal characteristics.

The labels of the “FALLWIND” wines have a strong symbolism that is directly related to the growing area. In the centre is an old etching showing a view of the Macaion, part of the Mendola Massif. Above, the merged star and the waning crescent moon from the coat of arms of the municipality of Appiano, symbols dating from the early Middle Ages and lending the image graphic power and expressiveness.